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Patient of the Week: 08/11/23

Coatimundi – Lone Coati Kit

As Southern Arizona’s only wildlife hospital and rehabilitation facility, Tucson Wildlife Center recognizes that wild parents are the best at nurturing and guiding their young babies into adulthood. To that end, we make every attempt to reunite healthy wild babies with their families, ensuring they learn the valuable skills they need to survive.

This tiny baby coati  (“co-wha-tee”) was brought to TWC after being found alone and injured at Colossal Cave Mountain Park. The kit’s mom had rescued him when he fell into an eight-foot-deep hole. Unfortunately, due to injuries, the youngster was unable to follow his mom when she was scared away from the area. After a period of rehabilitation, Justin … one of our dedicated wildlife specialists … made several attempts over six days to reunite the kit with his mom and their troop.

After speaking to the park supervisor and finding out when the coatis are most active, Justin would arrive at TWC each day to crate and drive the kit to his home. In an open area near where the kit was rescued, Justin would sit the unopened crate down and play a recording of the baby crying that he had made earlier. If an adult coati approached the crate and showed interest in the kit, Justin would open the crate’s door and watch from a distance, keeping an eye out for any aggressive behavior. After six unsuccessful attempts at reuniting the youngster with his troop, we will hopefully find a foster to raise him or other babies to be with, giving him the best chance of eventually returning to the wild.

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