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Patient of the Week: 05/12/23

Baby Owls (Owlets)

Wild baby season is in full bloom and here at Tucson Wildlife Center, it appears to be raining baby owls! We currently are caring for several owlets from different species, including Great Horned Owls, Barn Owls, and Western Screech Owls. ** While some needed medical care, others probably should have been left alone.

TWC would like to remind everyone that not all baby owls on the ground need rescuing. Spending some time on the ground is a normal part of a young owlet’s life, as it may take them days to weeks (depending upon the species) to learn to fly well. Mom and Dad are usually nearby keeping watch, even if you do not see them. Most young owls should be left where they are found unless they are injured or in danger.

If you find a baby owl or other baby bird that appears to be orphaned, call TWC first before removing the little one so our intake specialists can advise you on the next steps. Before you call, it is helpful if you can identify whether the bird is a nestling or a fledgling. If the baby bird is fluffy or downy and is unable to grip with its feet, it is a nestling and needs to be placed back in the nest or in a replacement nest. If the baby is largely feathered and can perch and hop around, it is a fledgling. Fledglings are ready to be out of the nest and the parents will continue to care for them. More information on what to do if you find a baby bird on the ground can be found on our website at

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Below is a short video of the owlets – Great horned Owl fledgling and Barn Owl nestling

    Owlet collage from top left … Great Horned Owl fledgling, Barn Owl nestling, Western Screech Owl nestling, Great Horned Owl nestlings

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