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Patient of the Week: 03/31/23

Cactus Wren

This little Cactus Wren may have thought she had found the perfect hole for a nest but, instead, found herself partially trapped in a cruel snap trap meant to kill mice and rats. She was brought to Tucson Wildlife Center with her bill and one wing still ensnared in the trap’s large teeth. Fortunately, her story has a happy ending as she had suffered only minimal injuries and was recently released. Most animals aren’t so lucky, and many die a slow and painful death from injuries, strangulation, or stress. The ones that live are often admitted to TWC with fractured bones, deep lacerations, or amputated limbs.

With large teeth and a powerful snap, these traps are meant to kill a rodent instantly.
Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen, and the dying process can take a long time while the animal is in extreme pain. Additionally, these traps often end up ensnaring pets or non-target wildlife such as this cactus wren, skunks, raccoons and many more. Instead of snap traps, TWC recommends using safe and humane devices such as Havahart catch-and-release traps.

If you find an animal that has been injured by a snap trap, do not attempt to remove the animal from the trap yourself. For the best chance of the animal’s survival, call Tucson Wildlife Center. Medical treatment is almost always needed once a trap is removed.

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