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Patient of the Week: 03/03/23

Cooper’s Hawk

This injured Cooper’s Hawk got a new lease on life from Tucson Wildlife Center’s volunteer veterinarians Dr. Jeri Dioguardi and Dr. Don Gehringer. A Dove Mountain resident brought the hawk to TWC after discovering her struggling on the ground from a window strike. TWC’s wildlife care team noticed her third toe had a huge growth, and the vets were called in.

Dr. Jeri saw that it was a large-sized tumor and had eaten away most of the toe bone. Luckily a cytology work-up showed it had not spread. It was decided to amputate the toe involved. Dr. Don performed a successful surgery, and the hawk was then monitored for several days before being moved to a large outdoor enclosure to recuperate. We are happy to report that this Cooper’s Hawk has fully recovered and was recently returned to her Dove Mountain neighborhood.

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