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Patient of the Week: 02/10/23

Release Radar: Newborn Javelina

Tanque Verde Guest Ranch recently had a very special guest … a newborn javelina found separated from her herd. Often when the herd is disturbed by humans they quickly run away, inadvertently abandoning a young javelina. Their instinct is to freeze in place instead of following the others. With no herd in sight, and dropping night temperatures just a few hours away, ranch employees brought the baby to Tucson Wildlife Center.

With the umbilical cord still attached, all signs pointed to the birth having taken place a few hours prior. In situations like this it is extremely important to reunite the mother and baby within a 16-hour window from birth, so the baby receives colostrum from the mother’s milk to fortify it against pneumonia and other illnesses.

Around 6:15 pm, ranch employees called TWC to say the herd was spotted. A wildlife specialist from TWC immediately made the short drive there with the newborn. As she exited her car, she saw two javelinas run off. She walked the baby to an open clearing, set her down, then moved back about 80-feet to observe. It was not long before the little one squealed and nine javelinas charged forward to surround her. 

The baby remained surrounded for five minutes, while our specialist remained still, hoping that the mother was with the herd. Then one by one the members of the herd moved farther away leaving the mama and another female standing with the baby. Within seconds, the two adults trotted off with the baby. What a heartwarming sight!

If you would like to help patients like this baby javelina, click this link to donate.

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