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Help Save a Bunny this Easter

These four, baby bunnies were rescued after a landscaper carelessly destroyed their nest. Before these young bunnies had a chance to grow up, their lives were turned upside down and they were taken away from their parents. Now they are being raised at our Orphanage, where our volunteers will bottle feed and care for them daily until they are old enough to be returned back to the wild.

Tucson Wildlife Center is currently raising more than two dozen bunnies, many of them orphaned or attacked by pets, and we invite you to be a part of their rehabilitation journey.

This Summer, YOU can sponsor the rescue, rehabilitation and release of a wild bunny, for as little as $30 – the cost to feed and rehab one baby bunny. Instead of purchasing a domestic bunny for your child this Easter, we hope you consider being a part of a wild bunny’s journey to freedom.

Click here to sponsor a bunny

Big or small, every animal has purpose. At Tucson Wildlife Center, we are proud to rescue, provide emergency medical care, and rehabilitate Southern Arizona’s sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife before their return to the wild.

Bunnies may seem like cute, fun presents for holiday gifts, but they are the third most abandoned pet in animal shelters after cats and dogs. Bunnies are high maintenance pets, can live a decade or more, are very energetic and possess an everlasting desire to chew on everything from electrical cords to furniture.

Bunnies are not toys. They are living animals with feelings and special needs that require up to 15 years of long-term care. Instead of gifting a domestic rabbit this Easter, consider sponsoring the rehabilitation of a wild bunny in rehabilitation at Tucson Wildlife Center.

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