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All in the Family

A white-nosed coatimundi and a young raccoon are temporarily at home at Tucson Wildlife Center while under observation for rabies. Both are members of the same family Procyonids that includes Raccoons, Coati’s and Ringtails. 

Rabies is a deadly virus, transmitted through the bite and saliva of an infected animal. 

The coati was cornered by 2 dogs, only one of which was vaccinated for rabies, and is under observation. The unvaccinated dog must remain in quarantine 4 months.  There is no test available for rabies on a live animal. 

The raccoon was spotted by a citizen, captured and brought to the center emaciated and with an eye abrasion.  It too is under observation and is gaining weight. 

Outcomes look bright, no symptoms have been observed for either of our little bandits, and soon they will reunited with their family bands. 

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