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Thank You TEP!

A great big THANK YOU to Tucson Electric Power for giving Tucson Wildlife Center a Community Impact Grant. Your generosity will save the lives of many, many wild creatures. We at TWC appreciate your support!

Earth Day April 22nd 2017 – Save Our Desert!

Here at Tucson Wildlife Center ,our Logo says it all: “Rescue, Rehab Release” At the end of this process ,one of the biggest challenges  we face is finding safe havens to release our patients back into the wild. We cannot just release an animal back into the wild ,and hope for the best; an ideal…

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Easter Bunnies!- Do’s and Don’ts

Easter is just around the corner, and your child is begging you for a bunny. Please, do your research before making such an important decision. They may not be the best pet, especially for families with young children.   Wild or domestic, rabbits — especially baby rabbits — are darn near irresistible. What a lot of people don’t realize, however, is a pet rabbit can live…

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Tucson Wildlife Center Caring for Owl Nestlings

Tucson Wildlife Center has taken in four fuzzy-looking, white Great Horned Owl nestlings in the last week. The unusually high temperatures earlier in March, seen only in mid-May, have caused parasites to hatch two months early and attack the nestlings, forcing them to bail out of their nests to escape, said Lisa Bates, Founder and…

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Wildlife experts concerned about animal shootings in neighborhoods

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) – Officials with the Tucson Wildlife Center are concerned after seeing an uptick of animals being shot and killed in neighborhoods. So far this year, 35 animals have been found dead — up five from 2015. “It is surprising how many animals are being shot illegally,” said Lisa Bates, founder and executive…

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Skyline Country Club Loves Lucy

Grammy-nominated artist Linda Chorney, a Tucson resident, donated her time and documentarian skills to capture Tucson Wildlife Center’s release of Lucy the Goose.   Tucson Wildlife Center and Lucy thank her for her generosity. Please visit her website at: http://lindachorney.com  

Lawrence Lee Art for Charity

March: Art for Charity For the entire month of March, Lawrence Lee will donate 15% of sales to the charity of your choice. Join us for a kick-off party! Saturday March 5th 4:00 – 7:00 pm. Lawrence Lee Art 439 N. 6th Ave. #139 Spread the word – this is a great fundraising opportunity for your favorite charity!…

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Tucson Wildlife Center on the News!

Lucy the Goose Catches Lucky Break Lucy was rescued at Skyline Country Club with a severe head injury.   Thank you to all of the members of Skyline Country Club for helping Lucy, and to all of Tucson Wildlife Center’s volunteers and staff for their expert medical treatment and compassion for her recovery.      

For help and emergencies, please immediately call our 24/7 helpline at (520) 290-9453.

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