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BEHIND THE SCENES Tour – The Sam Goldman Wildlife Hospital

Tucson Wildlife Center, Inc. has been rescuing sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals for 24 years. Our largely volunteer-operated nonprofit provides rescue and release services, medical care, and on-site rehabilitation all free of charge to the public. Tucson Wildlife Center’s Sam Goldman Wildlife Hospital is the only 24/7/365 hospital in Southern Arizona dedicated to caring…

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BEHIND THE SCENES SPOTLIGHT: Tim, Wildlife Care Volunteer

Shortly after relocating to Tucson last year, Tim started looking for wildlife volunteer opportunities. Previously he had volunteered at Wildlife Images Rehabilitation Center in Grants Pass, Oregon, and when he discovered Tucson Wildlife Center, he happily joined our team as a Wildlife Care Volunteer. Most of Tim’s time is spent preparing food and feeding the…

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BEHIND THE SCENES SPOTLIGHT: Karen, Wildlife Care Specialist

Upon retiring from her job as a medical doctor with Indian Health Service in 2017, Karen began looking for volunteer opportunities to fill some of her free time. Previously, she had served as a foster parent to newborn puppies for the Pima Animal Control Center (PACC) and considered starting again but thought it would be…

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BEHIND THE SCENES SPOTLIGHT: Janet, Wildlife Care Shift Leader

When Janet first discovered Tucson Wildlife Center, she had no idea such a place existed. She had previously been a docent at zoos in Syracuse and Detroit and thought she would volunteer at Reid Park Zoo. But when their training schedule was not convenient for her, she began searching for other opportunities to work with…

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A mechanical engineer and manager by trade, Jack retired from his last loved position as director of the largest piano restoration facility in Los Angeles in 2014 and moved to Tucson. Already an accomplished pianist, Jack’s first goal in retirement was to challenge himself even further (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpQgHCwpWJ4). But even with this new goal of becoming…

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BEHIND THE SCENES SPOTLIGHT: Kathy, Wildlife Care Specialist

Kathy considers working at Tucson Wildlife Center literally a dream come true. “Years ago, I had a dream that I was in an attic space and every rafter was filled with owls and hawks.” She began working at TWC as a volunteer in 2017 and became an employee in 2020, now splitting her time between…

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BEHIND THE SCENES SPOTLIGHT: Linda, Volunteer Wildlife Care Specialist

With a life-long love of animals, Linda started volunteering at Tucson Wildlife Center eight years ago, after her mom pointed out an article in the newspaper about local animal rehab centers needing volunteers. She chose TWC because of the variety of animals they accepted, and her one-day-a-week commitment quickly turned into four! As a wildlife…

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Patient of the Week: Young Brown Pelican

With its oversized bill, thin neck, and big body, this brown pelican is a beautiful, social bird. Brought to Tucson Wildlife Center after being discovered on a sidewalk in Green Valley, this young bird was exhausted, underweight, and dehydrated. During the summer, young pelicans can get lost after losing sight of their parents on their…

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Patient of the Week: Striped Skunk Kit

Everything is looking great for this little orphaned skunk. A Wilcox resident brought her to Tucson Wildlife Center after watching her alone in their yard for a time. She will be released back into the wild once capable of surviving on her own. Skunks may have a bad reputation for their smelly spray, but they…

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Patient of the Week: Black-crowned Night Heron

This Black-crowned Night Heron is looking healthy, and has found his barking squawk, after arriving at Tucson Wildlife Center as a dehydrated orphaned nestling. Found near a lake with no nest or adult in sight, the nestling had only minimal down feathers, leaving it helpless and vulnerable to the elements. He has spent his time…

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Patient of the Week: Baby raccoons

Three very lucky baby raccoons were recently rescued and brought to Tucson Wildlife Center, where they will grow up together until old enough to be released back to the wild. The youngest of the three was found on the side of a road where her mom had been killed. This little one was newly born…

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Patient of the Week: Cooper’s Hawk Fledglings

As summer heats up in Tucson, the rising temperatures are causing trouble for a lot of the wildlife, especially the babies. Phones at the Tucson Wildlife Center have been ringing off the hook with people concerned about animals in the heat. A lot of those calls have been about Cooper’s Hawk fledglings. Cooper’s Hawks typically…

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For help and emergencies, please call our 24/7 helpline at (520) 290-9453.

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