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Patient Timeline: Baby Barn Owls

Tucson Wildlife Center – Patient Timeline Tucson Wildlife Center received these baby barn owls on March 30th after they were found between bales of hay in a truck that was making a delivery to Tucson. They received treatment and nourishment, and by mid-April, they were placed with our resident Barn Owls, Nono and Val, who…

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Patient of the Week: Gopher Snake

This Gopher Snake has been quite the survivor before coming to Tucson Wildlife Center. He was discovered in a backyard with a kink in his body and brought into TWC where he was evaluated and found to have soft tissue damage and a broken rib. Thankfully, after two weeks in rehabilitation, he has shown improvement…

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Patient of the Week: Desert Cottontails

In the spirit of Easter coming up this Sunday, our patients of the week are these Desert Cottontails. This species is the most common species of rabbit found in the Sonoran Desert. Other closely related species include Black-tailed Jackrabbits and Antelope Jackrabbits. Jackrabbits are often confused with cottontails especially at young ages as the differences…

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Update: Patient of the Week: Gila Monster

Mentioned in a previous post, this beautiful, native to Arizona, Gila Monster came to Tucson Wildlife Center after she had been caught in a snap trap meant for rodents. Upon arrival, her right front limb was severely swollen but, luckily, not fractured. It has been a long road for recovery for this patient, as she…

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Patient of the Week: Common Raven

Earlier this month, Tucson Wildlife Center admitted this raven after being found on the ground not able to fly. Coming all the way from Sierra Vista, one of our amazing TWC volunteers was willing to help with transporting the raven to our hospital. Upon arrival, the reason behind her not flying was clear as she…

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Patient of the Week: Anna’s Hummingbird

Tucson Wildlife Center is seeing increasing amounts of young wildlife being admitted to the hospital. This time of the year is when the majority of animals such as cottontails, doves, quail, and hummingbirds have their babies. This nestling Anna’s Hummingbird came to TWC as an orphan after there was no sign of any mother for…

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Come join our team!! Love to help? Want to make a difference in the lives of our local wildlife? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then Tucson Wildlife Center is looking for you! Come be a part of an awesome and dynamic team that is dedicated to helping rescue, rehabilitate, and release…

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For help and emergencies, please call our 24/7 helpline at (520) 290-9453.

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