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Patient of the Week – Update: Juvenile Barn Owls

These Barn Owls came into Tucson Wildlife Center’s care at different times and under different circumstances, but soon these nine juvenile owls will all take flight. (Barn Owls can have a clutch of up to 18 eggs!) Four siblings were found between bales of hay in a truck that was making a delivery to Tucson;…

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Patient of the Week: Juvenile Cooper’s Hawks

Did you know that colliding with a window is one of the most common injuries in birds? Windows often reflect an image of a bird’s habitat, including vegetation and open sky, causing them to fly at full speed into the glass. From broken bones and beaks to severe head and spinal trauma, a window collision…

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For help and emergencies, please call our 24/7 helpline at (520) 290-9453.

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