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Great horned owl

Patient of the Week: Coyote Pups

A property owner in Tubac found this injured female coyote pup off a side road by the highway and called Tucson Wildlife Center late after hours. Our rescuer Justin drove all the way to Tubac in the night. He captured the small coyote and brought her back to TWC. Our medical folks worked on the…

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Patient of the Week: Nestling Great Horned Owl

This nestling great horned owl was rescued by firefighters from the Sierra Vista Fire Department on the evening of May 10th during the San Rafael Fire. Firefighters were investigating an area of burning oaks when they spotted a small head poking out from a tree. The owlet launched himself from the tree as if to…

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Patient of the Week: Bubba and Otto

All of us at Tucson Wildlife Center want to thank everyone for participating in Arizona Gives. It means a lot to us and we wouldn’t be here without you. This week, Tucson Wildlife Center would like to celebrate our two amazing sanctuary Great-Horned Owls, Bubba and Otto. Both owls had injuries that were rehabilitated but,…

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Patient of the Week: Great-horned Owl

This majestic owl has gone through a lot over the course of the last several months. He came to Tucson Wildlife Center after a reported collision with a vehicle. Since his initial admission, he has consistently been defensive and alert which is always a good sign going into rehabilitation. This patient was diagnosed with a…

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