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Patient of the Week: Barn Owl Fledglings

With their unique heart-shaped faces, these four Barn Owl fledglings recently stole the show at the Mescal Movie Set near Benson. One of the most recognizable western cinematic towns on the big screen, these siblings were found in the movie set hotel that is being remodeled. After a week of observation, and seeing no signs…

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Patient Timeline: Baby Barn Owls

Tucson Wildlife Center – Patient Timeline Tucson Wildlife Center received these baby barn owls on March 30th after they were found between bales of hay in a truck that was making a delivery to Tucson. They received treatment and nourishment, and by mid-April, they were placed with our resident Barn Owls, Nono and Val, who…

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Patient of the Week: Barn Owl

At Tucson Wildlife Center, we rehabilitate owls of all kinds such as Great-horned Owls and Western Screech Owls which are the most common patients we see.  On the flip side, TWC has also helped out species such as Elf Owls, Burrowing Owls, and other lesser seen species of the family.  This beautiful Barn Owl sits…

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