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Albino Dove release

When you release a beautiful Albino Dove, you set it in some open scrub brush and step way back to watch what it does.  At first, it looks around and adjusts itself.  Then it turns and looks at you as if to say, “really…I’m free now?”  Standing up tall now, it slowly turns away and…

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Amazon Prime Day

And giving through Amazon.Smile Amazon shoppers! Amazon Prime Day is June 21-22. When shopping Amazon Smile via Amazon Prime, don’t forget to choose the Tucson Wildlife Center as your charity. Your shopping goes towards our mission of helping the injured and orphaned wildlife around southern Arizona.

All in the Family

A white-nosed coatimundi and a young raccoon are temporarily at home at Tucson Wildlife Center while under observation for rabies. Both are members of the same family Procyonids that includes Raccoons, Coati’s and Ringtails.  Rabies is a deadly virus, transmitted through the bite and saliva of an infected animal.  The coati was cornered by 2…

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Millions for Tucson Raffle

The Jim Click Automotive Team is presenting a new 2021 Ford Bronco Sport to the entire community to be used as the featured prize in our ongoing effort to raise millions of dollars for non-profit organizations in Southern Arizona. With your $25 contribution (or 5 tickets for $100) you could win this stunning vehicle or…

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Happy Earth Day!

Every animal at the Tucson Wildlife Center is an Earth Day story. One is poisoned, one is orphaned when its mother was shot, and on and on. But together we can help them all. These are serious intrusions into their lives but the most serious is yet to come – sustained drought. We can all…

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Thanks for Supporting Our Cause

Thank you for helping all the wildlife get a fighting chance.  Thank You for your Support You made double the impact this Arizona Gives Day!! THANK YOU!! #GivingTuesday! #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. This year, with your help, we made a difference! THANKS FOR…

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Bodacious Bubba turns 20🎂

Crazy as it may sound, all animals have an uncanny awareness of their surroundings and the actions of people and other wildlife around them.Take for instance Bubba, a great horned owl who is a sanctuary resident at Tucson Wildlife Center.Now celebrating his 20th birthday, Bubba was rescued and brought to the Center as a fledgling…

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Black Vulture Brings Back Memories of Egor

The arrival of a black vulture, a victim of lead toxicosis, brought back memories of a long-time resident and former educational vulture named Egor. For the volunteers and employees of Tucson Wildlife Center’s rescue and care givers team, Egor was a special ambassador. Rescued by the Center’s CEO and founder Lisa Bates, who scaled a…

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Leave the Screeching to my Eastern Cousin!

Did you know that the western screech owl’s call is a melodic short series of hoots that accelerate at the end? It’s the eastern screech owls call that earned these owls their name. Found in a variety of wooded areas as well as urban areas and parks these small grey owls take up residence in…

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Captivating Kestrels Rebounding

In the world of raptors few if any can rival the the beauty of America’s smallest member of the Falcon family, the American kestrel. Fierce and determined hunters, kestrels need open areas with a few trees for nest cavities in which to raise their young. Roadside fence posts, telephone poles and wires provide the perfect…

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From Tucson Wildlife Center, by Kathy Carter

It’s Tucson’s Spring when snowballs fall. From tallest heights of towering palms, and Sycamore, Eucalyptus and Piñon Pine.For up above in crowded nests, young owlets, Cooper’s, and Red Tails grow round and downy feathered and hot from such an ethereal perch.Crazy though it seems they leap, a long, death defying plummet to land below in…

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