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Renested and it feels so good!

These adorable nestling great horned owls fell out of their nest at a country club and were found by a caring groundskeeper who brought them to TWC. They were dehydrated and bruised from their fall. After a couple of days in rehabilitation, it was time to take them back to their nest to be raised…

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Neotropic cormorant saved after being deliberately injured by kids

A neotropic cormorant suffered a broken wing after children at an eastside apartment complex threw rocks at it. Deliberately harming wildlife is illegal. The water bird was rescued Thursday afternoon by volunteers from the nonprofit Tucson Wildlife Center. The cormorant was swimming in a water feature at the apartment complex when witnesses saw children throwing…

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Long-eared owl makes beautiful recovery

This beautiful, rarely seen Long-eared owl arrived at Tucson Wildlife Center extremely thin and dehydrated with cactus thorns embedded in his feathers and body. After carefully removing the thorns from his soft feathers, he spent a few weeks in rehabilitation to regain his strength. Once he had gained weight and was healthy, he was released…

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Bobcats: More Than your Average Cat

The Tucson Wildlife Center rescues and rehabilitates several bobcats every year. We have four adults that are permanent residents. Wilbur is our mascot and because of a medical condition cannot be released. Wilma is his companion. The remaining residents, Ruby and Bisbee are surrogate mothers to the kittens that arrive at the facility every year….

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Possums or Opossums?

Recently Tucson Wildlife Center received a call from a concerned citizen who found mother opossum who had died, her six babies still clinging to her body. One of the babies had a minor tail injury, but all were otherwise healthy. They are thriving in our care. If you look closely at the adorable pictures, you…

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Two baby Javelina being cared for by Tucson Wildlife Center

Two baby javelina, just days old, are being cared for at Tucson Wildlife Center after well-meaning people took them from their herd. The babies were left behind after dogs scared away their herd. Instead of leaving the area with their dogs so the herd could return for the babies, the people picked up the baby…

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Two Little Spotted Skunks come into Care

Arizona is home to four different skunk species. The most common, and the one most people are familiar is the striped skunk. We also have the hooded skunk, the hog nose skunk and the seldom seen spotted skunk.Recently Tucson Wildlife Center received into care two adorable Western spotted skunk babies! Like all skunk species, spotted…

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Orphans find help at TWC

Typically one thinks of spring as the time for a wildlife baby boom, but in the last couple of weeks, Tucson Wildlife Center has taken in five orphaned or displaced baby animals that could not be returned to their parents in the wild. Last week Tucson Wildlife Center took in a bobcat kitten  found by…

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Baby Bat comes into care at Tucson Wildlife Center

a-Da-Da-Da-Dada-Bat Baby!! A few week ago,TWC received into care,a small,naked,,blind little bat..Now that he’s a bit older,and has those amazing EARS,we’ve discovered he’s an adorable baby Pallid Bat!!Pallid bats are considered a common species (although this is the first I’ve seen!) throughout the West,up the coastline,and up into Canada.Those huge ears help them find their…

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For help and emergencies, please immediately call our 24/7 helpline at (520) 290-9453.

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