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Scared Squirrel Stuck in Pipe Escapes Unscathed

img_9472Last week we received a call from a woman who found a rock squirrel in her yard. Not so unusual in Tucson, but this little guy had been chased into a small pipe by her dogs. It was stuck, with just the tip of his little tail sticking out.img_9473 After being unable to remove him, the woman brought him to us at Tucson Wildlife Center, pipe and all! Our rehabber tried to remove him, but it was a tight fit and the terrified little squirrel was holding on for dear life. The decision was made to sedate him while still in the pipe, in hopes that he would relax enough to let go so he could be removed safely. Once the sedative took effect – Voila! Out popped our little squirrel! After being carefully examined, it was determined he was missing just a few small patches of fur img_9474– and maybe a little damage to his pride. He was a lucky little guy! He was monitored for a few img_9475hours, then released back to his home territory. Another happy ending!
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