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Arizona Gives Day April 4th 2017

We need your help. In the last few years, virtually all the wildlife rescue centers in Southern Arizona have closed, leaving Tucson Wildlife Center to care for twice as many animals each year – now numbering about 3,000 annually – with the same level of funding.
Arizona Gives Day, Tuesday, April 4, is an ideal time to show how important Tucson Wildlife Center is to our community. You can donate through the Arizona Gives website (www.azgives.org/tucsonwildlife) or directly through the Center’s website (tucsonwildlife.com).
Tucson Wildlife Center, founded in 1998, operates the only full-service, state-of-the-art wildlife rescue hospital in Southern Arizona. The cost of care for the animals, including food, medication, veterinary treatment and supplies, approaches $1,000 a day. Our services are available 24/7, 365 days a year, free of charge to residents of eight counties: Pima, Pinal, Gila, Graham, Cochise, Santa Cruz, Greenlee and Yuma.
Animals come to Tucson Wildlife Center for a variety of reasons. Recent rescues include:
A baby ringtail trapped in construction equipment.
A coatimundi hit by a car.
A great horned owl that was poisoned.
A bobcat kitten found by landscapers.
Exhausted seabirds blown in on hurricane winds from the Sea of Cortez.
A red-tailed hawk that suffered an electrical injury on a power pole.
A raccoon cub left behind in a chimney when his mother was frightened away.
A young coyote that had been illegally shot.
Numerous birds and small mammals injured by house pets.

This undertaking is accomplished primarily by dedicated volunteers who give their time year-round to do the hard, rewarding and sometimes heart-breaking work to save our beautiful wildlife. Your support will allow Tucson Wildlife Center to continue to save animals and provide services to the 20,000 residents who reach out to us each year for help.
According to Arizona Gives organizers, Arizona nonprofits do much more than provide necessary services to our communities – they are an integral part of our state’s economy. Annually, they have an economic impact of $22.4 billion, more than 8 percent of Arizona’s gross state product. Arizona nonprofits also account for 325,000 jobs. Monetary donations are the most direct way to help a nonprofit make an impact: Donations allow nonprofits to allocate funds where they are most needed. Arizona Gives is focused on helping participating nonprofits raise funds that are critical to supporting their work. By donating you simultaneously invest in the future of Arizona and help nonprofits make an impact in your community.

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